White Noise is an aural and visual journey through the heart of a dying landscape. It is the new type of climate change documentary that reinterprets data through music and art. The film follows Los Angeles musician, Clinton Van Arnam, through a journey of discovery–– both personally and poetically. He finds himself in a community abandoned due to the rising coastal waters and is haunted by the sounds and visual impact of climate change. Summoned to the retreating glacial plains, he feels, captures, and interprets the voices of the ice as he builds their whispers, cries, screams and monologues into a hauntingly beautiful score becoming both a Requiem and rallying cry for–– and from–– the ice.

Meet the Crew

Comprised of Los Angeles based artists with various backgrounds in art, music, photography, fashion and environmental activism– this team has been working together on projects, creating unique work for over 7 years.

Andrew Steiger

Andrew is a multi media artist focusing on environmental awareness, Native American culture, gang and animal culture and how people interact with nature. Andrew’s background is in storytelling, and uses multi media projects and experiences to engage the public on issues personal to him. He has been working with this media team for 7 years. Details

Ian Morrison

As a fashion photographer, Ian’s unique ability to capture humanity through portraiture is what truly sets him apart. His work feels classic, and simultaneously cutting edge. Ian’s work takes him around the globe, most recently spending time Morocco, Spain, UK, Fiji and New York. Ian captures the power of his subjects in a gripping format that is honest, revealing and on the edge. Details

Yudo Kurita

Yudo is a visual artist living in Los Angeles, California. He is also the senior director at relatable content, a design studio focusing on design in the fields of structure, product, print, web, and brand development. Details

Sam Roberts

As a cinematographer, director, and editor, Sam’s subject matter orbits around the sub cultural landscapes of America. What rises up in his work are those unique voices whose stories are both inspiring and raw. Recently Sam has begun working with Smashbox Studios and is shooting commercials for high profile cosmetic and ad agency groups. Details

Seed Media

Seed Media LLC is a group of passionate–creative people that calls ourselves a company. We all desire to be like our Creator. Hence, we too create. Our mission is to connect people to people through creativity and technology, inspiring growth. Details

Clinton Van Arnam

Model and Musician who’s ethereal and multi sensory sound projects push listeners into a new realm. One half of the musical group DSTNCE, Clinton’s sound is border-less, ethereal and deeply meditative. Details


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